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Internal Regulations – General Conditions

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The CERN Dancing Club is a non-profit association which organises dance courses and dance evenings. The members of the Committee are volunteers and are elected during a General Assembly.

In accordance with the statutes of the association, the membership and course fees are determined annually by the Committee. Activities organised by the club are open to the general public (whether they be CERN personnel or not). The minimum age to become a member of the CERN Dancing Club is 16 years old (A parental authorization will be asked for anybody under 18 years old).

Subscribing to a course implies having read and accepted the tariffs and the course schedule, having accepted the rules and regulations of the club in their entirety and following the CERN Code of Conduct. Non-respect of these regulations results in exclusion without reimbursement.

Tariffs and payment conditions

A course subscription is complete only after full, one-time payment has been received at the beginning of the semester. Accepted payment methods are cash (CHF/€), bank transfer (CHF/€) and payment slip (CHF). Cards and cheques are not accepted.

Subscriptions may be annual or semestrial. The first lesson of a course may be used to sample a course. As from the second lesson, a member should resolve any outstanding balance regarding membership and course fees in full according to the applicable tariff.

Membership and Subscription

It is possible to subscribe to one or more courses. No modification, replacement of one course by another or change of level will be accepted in order to accommodate personal preference. To ensure smooth running of classes, the CERN Dancing Club reserves the right to refuse admission to any student with an insufficient level for the course (as judged by the teacher) or if the maximum number of couples per course is reached, a limit currently set to 15 couples. Members are obliged to wear their badge during lessons.

Courses et dance evenings

The courses and dance evenings are held in building 566 at CERN. Members are requested to respect the instructions given by their teacher, notably to change dance partner during the course. Each student owes respect to the teachers, members of the CERN Dancing Club, as well as other students. It is strictly forbidden to smoke or consume alcoholic beverages on the CERN Dancing Club premises. Usage of recording equipment is forbidden during lessons unless expressly authorised in advance.

Cancellation and refunds

The CERN Dancing Club reserves the right to cancel a course during a semester if the lessons can no longer be given or if the total number of inscriptions is less than 6 couples after the third week of the semester; in such cases the participants will be reimbursed. In the case of cancellation of one hour of lessons (due to absence of a teacher) there will be no reimbursement. All subsequent hours not compensated by replacement classes will be reimbursed, prorate, at the end of the current semester.

A subscription may only be cancelled for professional reasons upon presentation of a written justification by an employer, or for medical reasons upon presentation of a medical certificate with a minimum period of 4 weeks and mentioning the dates of incapacity. A delay of approximately 15 days after the end of the absence is necessary to get reimbursed. Justifications for reimbursement are accepted only within the school year (September-May) of the subscription. Justifications must reach the club at the very latest on 31 May of the current school year. Late justifications will not be treated. No reimbursements will be made after 5 June. No reimbursements will be granted for irregular attendance or abandonment of a course or for other than professional or medical reasons.

Dress code

The members are requested to ensure that their shoes are clean and will not leave marks on the floor before entering the ballroom. Stiletto heels or soles with metallic elements are forbidden.


The CERN Dancing Club does not have civil responsibility insurance and declines all responsibility in the case of accidents. The CERN Dancing Club declines all responsibility for any loss, theft or degradation of members' belongings during its activities.

Parking and access to the locale

Vehicles must park diagonally between the club barracks or at the site entrance. Those who have an access card are requested to park on the CERN site.

August 2023
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